T.BOOST Factory v1.2

T.BOOST Factory is the definitive board to build any type of treble booster you want; it’s a very simple type of guitar effect, which increases the presence of medium and high frequencies with a very sweet and musical character.

The father of the treble boosters is the Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster, many variations are born from it.

The circuit is made up of a single transistor and a handful of passive components.
One of the biggest users of treble boosters is Brian May, inside the pdf you will find all the instructions to build all the types of TB that Brian used for each “era” with Queen.

For its simplicity, you can undoubtedly build it with a veroboard, but with this Printed Circuit Board it will be even easier to build one immediately.

This pcb designed by me for fun, wants to be a platform where you can experience all the nuances of this pedal.

So, take your solder and let’s build your treble booster!

Instruction Manual:  tboostfactory146

BC149 original datasheet: bc149_datasheet

Mullard Book 1 Part 1 Transistors 1974


PCB – 8€* each

I don’t sell kit or spare components: PCBs ONLY

*Shipping costs 5€ only for the Europe

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